Secure Iphone Development Training in Chandigarh or Mohali

iPhone Application Development Training

Course Overview

IPHONE is a trendy mobile handset developed by apple. It has a different operating system termed as IOS operating system specifically designed for IPHONE. Indosurplus is offering you an opportunity to learn IPHONE development from us. We provided training in CHANDIGRAH and MOHALI. IOS operating system is a reliable operating system which is the current requirement of big IT giants like APPLE. We have special modules in android development which helps you in learning theoretical and practical knowledge. Our experienced team will make you a trained IPHONE developer. You will explore numerous opportunities after getting training from us. We have an extensive training module which is easy to learn and understand.

Basics Of Mobile Application

  • Learning the Language (Objective C)
  • Data Types, NSInteger, NSNumber, Operators
  • Intro to .H and .M Files
  • Introduction to iPhone Architecture
  • Essential COCOA Touch Classes
  • COCOA and MVC Framework

Advance In IOS

  • Application Development In iPhone
  • Controls and Gestures, Controllers and Memory Managemen
  • XML Parsing, JSON Parsing
  • SQLite, Creating Outlets and Actions, Parsing Data with SQLiteli
  • Integration to Web services
  • Introduction to Swift Programing Languaget