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Mobile Application Development Training

Course Overview

INDOSURPLUS is a known IT trainer in Chandigarh and MOHALI. In Mobile development, operating systems and applications software’s plays an essential role. Developers need to considerate all the important aspects of mobile like its configuration, hardware, screen size and various other features while developing. Mobile development is the fastest growing industry. We have skilled staff who will groom you. Mobile development is further categorized in to Android development and IPHONE development. At INDOSURPLUS we procure separate training for both of them. Our top programs will help you in understanding the mobile development from scratch to end. It is the foremost technology in today’s scenario. After getting training from us you will be ready to face the development industry.

Android Application Development

  • Java Basics
  • Android Basics
  • Android UI
  • Hardware
  • Learn basic features
  • Create Layouts
  • Access device’s sensors
  • Use inputs to perform tasks
  • More Info

iPhone Application Development

  • Learning the Language (Objective C)
  • Data Types, NSInteger, NSNumber, Operators
  • Intro to .H and .M Files
  • Introduction to iPhone Architecture
  • Essential COCOA Touch Classes
  • COCOA and MVC Framework
  • More Info