Prominent Web Development Training in Chandigarh and Mohali

Web Development Training

Course Overview

We provide the best facility to develop a simple static plain websites to complex dynamic websites. IndoSurplus provides professional training for web development and offer the leading web development programs that nurture you. The theoretical and practical aspect both are well covered in our curriculum. Our modules are well equipped with the latest technologies. We cover both the hypothetical and practical sides. If you are planning for training in web development IndoSurplus is the right choice. We are practicing best trends in this field. We take you in the ocean of knowledge and you will come out as a successful developer.


  • Make effective, efficient PHP scripts
  • How to use PHP scripts in HTML pages to create dynamic Web pages
  • Manipulate data from Web page forms
  • Track users as they navigate your site with cookies and other PHP features
  • Structure PHP code using user-defined functions and external libraries
  • Develop database-enabled Web applications using MySQL
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  • Intoduction to CMS
  • Installtion of Various CMS
  • Theme Development and Customization
  • Plugin or Extension Development
  • Security in CMS
  • Ecommerce Solutions in CMS
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PHP Frameworks

  • Intoduction to PHP Frameworks
  • MVC Coding Standard
  • Libraries and Helpers
  • Security and Session Management
  • Data Validation
  • Ajax
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